Very good experience, will definitely be a returning customer!

5 AutoMasters Service Center Inc. 2/25/2018

Your staff was exceptionally courteous and professional with me, especially James Owens who made suggestions about the needs of my Ford Excursion and advice on future maintenance. While waiting for my vehicle to be serviced (oil change on a diesel takes a bit longer than most with 15 quarts) I had time to observe how the men at the service counter handled other customers and I was very impressed with the way they were patient and kind with everyone who walked into the shop. I have not experienced this way of doing business in an auto repair shop in all the years of auto ownership. The mechanics, while busy and efficient, were friendly and helpful as well. Everyone is a credit to the owner as it is easy to see that customer service is a priority at your shop.

5 AutoMasters Service Center Inc. 2/23/2018

They want it done right.

5 AutoMasters Service Center Inc. 2/16/2018

The staff was very helpful and explained the situation regarding my car's problem. That was tremendously helpful. The only thing I was very upset about were that: 1. the automatic setting on my steering wheel (to the left side) was turned off- I had to drive last night and had travelled a mile or so before I realize my lights were not on- had to pull into a parking lot to reset something that should never have been touched- 2. the automatic setting of my windshield wiper was also turned off-good thing it was not raining 3. perhaps the battery was turned off but my "distance remaining" that lets me know how much driving I had left mysteriously lost 20+ miles 4. my clock was ahead a couple of hours??? HOW??? if battery was off it might be behind, but not go ahead 5. the window shield for the back window was up- I left it down 6. there was a station set on my radio- I use CDs not the radio These are minor things, but as a whole were very frustrating and irritating. Would I come back again- yes.

4 AutoMasters Service Center Inc. 2/16/2018

These gentlemen were very professional, and starting from the young man behind the counter to the mechanics in the shop, they did their jobs well. I was an out of Towner, but they didn't push anything on me that I didn't want. They did a free inspection and recommended something's, but by no means, did they try to force those recommendations to be fixed right then. I truly appreciated that. Thanks for the great job guys, and I'll be back to take care of the other stuff in the future!! Shannon Powell

Thank you very much for the review! We will never push a repair on anyone, just advise on the importance. Thank you again! AutoMasters Service Center Inc.
5 AutoMasters Service Center Inc. 2/12/2018

Best mechanic service center I've ever taken my car to. They do a great job and are very fair priced. They're very personable yet very knowledgeable

Thank you for the review Adam! We appreciate! AutoMasters Service Center Inc.
5 AutoMasters Service Center Inc. 2/11/2018

I don’t have any complaints. I trust this company, their employees, and highly recommend their service. They replaced my blower motor, pig tail, and cabin air filter. They did a great job and did so at a reasonable price. As long as I live in Ocala, they will be my mechanic! Also: They honor active military, guard/reserve and veterans.

Thank you so much Chelsey! AutoMasters Service Center Inc.
5 AutoMasters Service Center Inc. 2/10/2018

Thank you for helping us with our mini-van. Thankfully, only the battery failed, and not the alternator! You quickly honored the warranty and we were back on the road after having it towed. We appreciate your honoring the warranty and getting us running. Will see you for our next servicing!

Thank you for the review Mr. Trout! AutoMasters Service Center Inc.
5 AutoMasters Service Center Inc. 2/10/2018

great service

Thank you Mr Webb! AutoMasters Service Center Inc.
4.5 AutoMasters Service Center Inc. 2/8/2018

Tom and he's team are always willing to go out of there way to make your experience pleasurable even when the reasons of you ending up at the shop isn't so much. If your looking to a shop to do a job right the first time and that doesn't take short cuts. I would highly recommend AutoMasters for your next stop.

Thank you very much for the review Steve! AutoMasters Service Center Inc.
5 AutoMasters Service Center Inc. 2/6/2018