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Ocala Hybrid Battery Experts

When it comes to problems with your vehicle’s hybrid battery, you need the experts to assist to ensure that you receive quality service and fair prices. At AutoMasters Service Center in Ocala, FL, our hybrid mechanics are certified and highly experienced in hybrid technology and have the latest training in hybrid batteries. 

If your vehicle senses a problem with your hybrid battery, you’ll see the red triangle or hybrid warning light come on. As soon as your light comes on, bring your vehicle into AutoMasters Service Center in Ocala, FL. We will perform an accurate diagnostic to determine if your battery is faulty, and if so, whether you need a replacement, repair, or rebuild. Once we determine the exact issue with your battery, we will go over all repair options with you and decide on a solution that you feel comfortable with for your vehicle and your wallet. 

We begin by testing your battery and determining its overall health. We test each component of your battery and determine which modules are not at peak performance and whether or not they can be reconditioned or need to be replaced. Your vehicle’s hybrid battery may just need a conditioning, which reverses the aging of faulty modules and restores them to working condition. Your hybrid battery pack is made up of “cells”, and often times only a few of these “cells” are faulty, causing poor vehicle performance. If these “cells” cannot be reconditioned, we can replace the damaged modules with working “cells”. If your battery pack is failing completely, the best option may be to replace the battery pack altogether. Our experts will evaluate any damage and determine the best option for your vehicle. 

Don’t trust just any auto repair shop with your hybrid. Our expert mechanics are specially trained in reconditioning, rebuilding, and replacing hybrid batteries and can help with any issue you may be experiencing. 

If you have any questions about your hybrid battery, give us a call today or make your next appointment online. 

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